Litecoin mining calc

litecoin mining calc

and down on movement of various factors. To calculate the expected reward I used the m calculator, who told me, with the current exchange rate and difficulty I could mine 46340USD a day, the calculator at litecoinpool. What am I calculating wrong?

Org said it's 23753.54USD a day. Algorithm: Scrypt, block time: 2m 29s, last block: 1,462,600,. I wanted to step into crypto mining, but on a rather low budget. Disclaimer : Above mining calculator is an indicator of profitability you get as on date. When a miner solves the cryptographic problems successfully and places a new block on the blockchain, he/she gets rewarded with an amount of Litecoin. Not exactly a Bitcoin question but it's about mining. Historically bitcoin prices have gone up and mining have giving amazing returns but there is absolutely no commitments. Create 1 BTC in: 1,804.53 Days, break even in:.00 Days, hash rate, block reward.

Rate 24h:.01064648 (Binance). Unfortunately, it is hard to start with Bitcoin when app geld verdienen android you have a low budget, so I thought about going into Litecoin mining. Volume 24h: 1,788.74 BTC, market cap: 5,029,779,280. Difficulty 3 days: 9,746,928.837, difficulty 7 days: 9,823,980.636, nethash: 274.15 Th/s,. Reward 24h:.00, difficulty: 9,510,852.618.

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