Us government seized bitcoin website

us government seized bitcoin website

about the price rise back then - the Silk Road bitcoins would have been sold.1 Billion in these prices - enough to cover their annual budget! Forbes for a news source talking about this. While no one can come up with an exact figure, estimates indicate that the US Govt. The bigger question, however, is that what happens to these currencies once the government catches hold of them. Since there is no bitcoin exchange that is properly legally licensed in the US, they will likely auction them off directly, like seized property. The bitcoins, if you're interested, are sitting in two very large wallets: one with 144K bitcoins (US117.6M right now) and another with 30K bitcoins (US24M all siezed from Silk Road.

Thankfully, as of now, there is no evidence which proves that the government or any government agents are misusing these Bitcoins or influencing the prices. In the past - when a criminal was caught by the US Government, it was quite easy to capture their assets and capital. Considering that Bitcoins transaction fees have significantly dropped in the last few weeks, this shouldnt come as too much of a hassle. Like all other valuable property, the best way for the government to liquidate them is at auction. Dirty Wallets Need Not Apply, related to the lack of fungibility that. However, now that digital assets have been becoming the norm, especially with cyber-criminals, it appears that the US Government has doubled down their efforts and has been seizing these digital assets too. The above is based on the news sources. Continuous Crypto Clearance, this wouldnt be the first time that the.S.

The US government has been approved by a federal judge in Utah to auction off 513 bitcoin and 512 Bitcoin Cash seized from an investigation into Aaron Michael Shamo, a dark web dealer.
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Government is eyeing the potential confiscation of 500 bitcoin seized from four individuals charged with creating fake identification documents.
A Utah federal judge recently approved an application by the US Government that will allow them to sell 513 Bitcoin and 512 Bitcoin Cash that they recently seized from the Dark Web drug dealer, Aaron Michael Shamo.

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